公司下设 品牌公关活动部、国际艺人管理部、品牌摄影营销部三个部门
1:品牌公关活动部以独具魅力的创意架起与湖南房地产、 商会、时装,商场,奢侈品,汽车等行业的桥梁;
OTM MODEL MANAGEMENT  was established in 2012. We have three departments:
1:The Brand Public Relations Department,
2:The International model Management Department
3: Brand Photography Marketing Department
The Brand PR Department exists to create a unique and attractive bridge between Hunan real estate companies, the Chamber of Commerce, the High fashion industry, high quality shopping malls, the luxury goods industry, automobile indutry and of course, many other industries too, furnishing them with unique and creative ideas we are happy to demonstrate.
The model Management Department adheres to the concept of international standards of high quality. The department signed over 100 supermodels from overseas. scouting model distribute Beijing,Shanghai,hangzhou,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Chengdu,Chagsha.
 Brand Photography Marketing department includes:
- Commercial Advertising Production.
- Experienced Professional Photographer Teams
- A Strong Post Production Team
- Professional, High-End Photographic Equipment
- A fully kitted out Professional Studio which is dedicated to creating high-end professional commercial quality photography.
We use these to create high-quality image packaging for our discerning commercial clients to enhance their brand's public and commercial impact, vastly increasing their sales.



Here is pictuers of our office